Are civil unrest, political unrest, and financial instability converging?  Are the globalists ready to visit the next pandemic?  What was the bargain Netanyahu made with Ben Gvir to persuade him to not pull out of the coalition?  According to David Wilkerson’s vision, America defaults within two weeks the default of a large bank in ____.   Can we depend upon the FDIC for bank stability?  What did the Kenyan president tell his citizens recently re the dollar?  Please join Steve and Bonnie for a call to engage with your fellowship for emotional and spiritual strengthening as we walk toward the Bridegroom.


Alarmed by judicial reform, more Israelis seek to live abroad:

Police chief of Tel Aviv joins demonstrations:

Def. Min. Gallant fired after urging halt to judicial reform:

Massive protests in Israel:

Betwee 600-700 thousand protesting Sunday night in Israel: 3.26

Dudi Amsalem, Netanyahu’s most recent appointment:

Israel is closed: 3.26

Healthcare closed: 3.27

Netanyahu fired Head of IDF causing such unrest near his home that he and fam had to be rescued: 3.26

IDF raises specter of loss of control/defense of country after many members refuse to report for duty: 3.26

Netanyahu expected to postpone judicial reform:

Israel kicking the can down the road? With a Faustian bargain?:

Netanyahu moves to suspend judicial reform:

Talmudists urge their followers to fight on:

Warning by US embassy in Jerusalem urges US citizens out:

Pro-judicial reform now marching in protest of the moratorium: 3.27

Talmudists attack Arab taxi driver:

Talmudists enroute to visit violence upon anti judicial protestors:

1990, Rebbi Schneerson tells Netanyahu to “do more” to bring the Talmudic messiah:



All cause mortality by vaxx status: 3.21

Karen Kingston – mRNA injections are demonic, an entry point toward trans humanism: 3.21

Latest Pfizer doc’s list graphene oxide as ingredient: 3.21

Injury of C vaxx becoming more evident: 3.23

Pentagon says 7-year-olds can make decision re puberty blockers:

More pilot incapacitation in flight than is being revealed: 3.27

Tsunami of eye disorders, from irritated lids to blindness:

Pilot- 4 “incidents” in 2 weeks, vaxxed pilots: 3.27

Horrific charts of workplace absences:

Next pandemic is SARS 2, HIV, Bird flu:



Blasphemy in school: 3.18

“Saving the Planet” cobalt miners in Congo: 3.25

Ukraine – Arrest of priest in middle of service: 3.24

Everything’s fine in France: 3.25

Biometric surveillance at Paris Olympics, summer of ‘24:

RFK – Adverse events excessively disproportionate in US: 3.21

For whom are all these weapons in Afghanistan?:


Shocking truth cartoon of Ukraine:

Agendas 2021, 2030 – human settlement zones for 100% control:

UK depleted uranium tank projectiles in UK for training of Ukraine troops:

China will rewrite Bible to prevent “extreme” thoughts: 3.27

Attempt to mandate changes to WHO treaty rejected by Senate:

Nashville shooting hoax:; 3.28

“Patriot Act for technology” – TicTok Bill: 3.28

Are trans people weaponized against – this culture, Christians?: 3.28; Trans “Day of Vengeance,” Mar 31-Apr 1: 3.27

US Senate refuses to pass bill demanding that they ratify the coming WHO treaty:



Henry Gruver’s vision shaping up?:

300 Russian nukes on the road:



Reese Report on CBDC’s coming in July: 3.23

Wilkerson warned of failure of “large bank in Germany,” Deutsche Bank?:

You’ve got 2 weeks after a large German bank fails:

Global bankruptcy begins in Germany:

Kenya leader – get rid of dollars, market will change within weeks: 3.27

Deutsche Bank closes lower:

2023 Banking fuse has been lit:

Will “Operation Sandman” be commenced soon?:

Operation Sandman: