What kind of relationship do you think you have with our Creator? Do you believe you are “in covenant” with the Almighty? What are the two things needed to have the correct relationship with YHVH? What determines whether or not you have a relationship with Him?

Proverbs 5:5 talks about a “strange woman” and how “her feet go down to death”–what meaning could be gotten by “her feet” in this passage? What kind of possession would be worse that being demon-possessed? What does the word “brutish” mean?

Continuing the journey in Proverbs, Rabbi Steve Berkson breaks down key terms and phrases, i.e., the “strange woman” whose “feet go down to death”.

Branching out into Jeremiah 10 and 11 Rabbi Steve shows us how we can be against ourselves if we don’t live this covenant-life according to the right knowledge (relationship) with our Creator.

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