This parsha, Vayelekh (Deuteronomy chapter 31) is only one chapter, but reiterates several key points, from Kazakh! (Be Strong, and of Good Courage!) to a graphic reminder of the coming exile (still in progress…)

Here is the Erev Shabbat overview of the entire portion:

During the Sabbath day study, Mark first takes a closer look at the warning, now past-tense, about the historic exile for His people who literally “made void” His Covenant with them, and turned to idolatry.

But that prophecy leads directly to a question, that may fit our situation today even more than it did millennia ago:

“Vayelekh: Is His Face STILL Hidden?”

The combined two-part podcast, as well as the Q&A session, including the 9-11 false flag and totalitarian enabling act discussion, is here: