Is sin and transgressing the Covenant two different things or the same? What is the definition of sin?

What does Joshua 7:9 show us in regards to what Elohim thinks about sin and His Covenant.

What is it that the “World” will not allow you to do?

Rabbi Steve Berkson then moves us to Joshua chapter 23 to continue with the thought, “The Role and Effect of Leadership on Covenant Keeping.” When a group needs direction to go forward, who is it that receives the vision for direction? What happens when there’s more than one vision within a group?

Why did Joshua have to remind the people that they were in covenant with their Creator?

How does being “unequally yoked” (2 Cori 6:14) affect your Covenant keeping?

From the book of Joshua we move to the next book, Judges, to see that Israel still doesn’t have it in their heart, to love Elohim, to abide by the Covenant with Him and is told that they will be tested by the nations that they did not remove.

How were they tested?

Another excellent teaching by Rabbi Steve as he brings us deeper into the understanding of Covenant-keeping. Are you covenanted?

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