Moving into the ninth and tenth chapters of the writings of the Prophet Jeremiah, Rabbi Steve Berkson helps us to stop to think “I wonder how our Creator feels” about us; how we think, talk and act. Could our Father say about us, “they have not know me” as He did through Jeremiah to the people of that time? Yet, Elohim still puts those people whose hearts are stubborn and rebellious through the process of refining in order to find the remnant of His People who will cling, cleave and hold fast to Him, those with whom He would want to live forever.

We continue to see the term, “stubbornness of heart” over and over. Rabbi Steve points out that if we want to fix the problems with our “walk”, we must allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and find the stubbornness and then eliminate it. Only then will we get to the place where what we want is what the Father desires.

In this lesson we will further improve our lexicon by learning the definitions of the words “forsaken”, “discern” and “syncretism.”

At the end of this lesson Rabbi Steve cleverly describes the “Manufacturer’s Reset Button” and how this describes all of us who have chosen to walk in Torah observance through the Spirit of Yeshua Messiah.

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