Rabbi Steve Berkson begins this teaching with an admonition that the writings of the Prophet Jeremiah are “heavy” and were obviously written for the people of that time, but that we today should listen and reflect on what was written long ago by asking ourselves a couple of questions, “How does this apply to me today?” and “Am I seeking the whole truth or just the part that I am comfortable with?”

Back and forth between the Tanach and the B’rit Hadasha, many amazing links are made from Jeremiah’s prophecies to the teachings of Yeshua and His Apostles that will help you with your reflection. You will see an obvious similarity between the way the priests conducted themselves in Jeremiah 5:31 and then to Ezekiel 22:26 where the words are used, “Her priests have done violence to My teaching and they profane My set-apart matters” [ISR98] and how the so-called “spiritual leaders” of today are perpetrating the same violence by teaching that the Torah (law) has been done away with.

Rabbi Steve also talks about how the spiritual leaders of Jeremiah’s day had “altogether broken the yoke and torn off the bonds” [ISR98] and their actions relate to putting on the yoke as disciples of Messiah Yeshua, with an amazing spontaneous revelation of what Yeshua may have meant when He said “For My yoke is gentle and My burden is light.” [ISR98]

And lastly, don’t miss the connection between Jeremiah 5:10 and John 15, of being Branches of the True Vine.

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