This audio is not provided to provoke fear or uncertainty but, to the contrary, it’s our goal to prepare you for the things to come – whether this prognostication actually occurs or not is irrelevant.  What is important is that it is likely to happen in your lifetime.  Our hope is that you will live your life accordingly for YHVH – as though everything changes tomorrow.  Are you ready spiritually?  Have you crossed over to a life that is pleasing to Abba?  Are you serving in humility, considering everyone more important than yourself?  Have you given up what you are supposed to, talked gently to whom you are supposed to and helped others as you are supposed to do?  If the answer is yes and you are ready spiritually for whatever comes, then it may be time to make physical preparations as well.  Even though it’s likely only a short term temporary fix and ultimately our Redeemer will be our only Y’shua (Salvation), we are given information in order to prepare ourselves and to prepare to help others.

At Hebrew Nation Radio, we have provided sound Torah-based teaching centered around Y’shua our coming King, we have encouraged you to write to about long lasting freeze-dried foods and we have even given you and your friends a chance to win a real 1/10 oz gold coin currently selling for over $170… (it was donated by a listener for this purpose) – all you have to do to enter the drawing is send your email to

THIS IS YOUR PART – discern the seasons, listen to the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) and do whatever you are supposed to do.  If this financial advisor is wrong, simply ignore his advice.  If he is right, you’ll be prepared.  You can find the video on YouTube T to see the video.  Remember – this guy is an investment broker and wants to make $, so he has a vested interest.

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