Meet Juliet!

I am so blessed to know this amazing woman of Yah! Juliet is not only a great writer, but she is an amazing speaker! Her most recent book is a testimony of overcoming same-sex attraction as told to her by her stepfather!

Her first book is a spiritual memoir of her own personal struggles and triumphs.

Juliet and I tag team together, bringing churches and congregations a message of both hope and healing.

I, myself, speak on the Roots of Addiction and Juliet brings to the table the 12 steps of recovery from codependency and so much more! If you are interested in hosting Juliet and me at your own congregation drop us a line!

Be blessed as you listen to our experience strength and hope!

You can contact Juliet and order her books here:



Gratitude and a hearty thank you to an amazing recording artist! Enjoy her music!