Rabbi Steve Berkson continues the topic, “The mind and thinking of man, and how it relates to authority”.

He begins in Matthew 3 where we see Yochanan (John), the immerser preaching and immersing the people. Rabbi Steve points out that it’s highly likely, Yochanan was the legitimate High Priest of his time, which is why the people were coming out to him. We see the religious rulers of that time coming out to see what’s going on and Yochanan calls them out, saying, “Do not think to say to yourselves…”. They thought they didn’t need what Yochanan was doing because of their genealogy, being descendants of Abraham, they were alright.

It’s a “thinking process” for bad or for good. “We think, unfortunately, with our own agenda–we need to be thinking with His agenda–how do we take His agenda and turn it into actions, habits and Destiny?” “We live according to His Word because of our love for him, our trust in Him, belief in Him–knowing that what we do is going to bring the rewards He has promised us.”

Rabbi Steve packs this teaching with concepts and principles that you can use right now in your walk.

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