Over a month ago, Mark warned about what has now turned out to be obvious: THIS PLANdemic, whether the bioweapon turned out to be as medically lethal as might have been planned or not, is a crisis that will NOT be allowed to go to waste.

During this holiday week, Mark reprises, with a bit of an update, a show from the end of February, suggesting that the economic impact of “COVID-1984” was certain to be worse than the direct death toll, but the government tyranny that was sure to follow, would be the biggest killer of all.


It’s been several weeks now, and even the Ministry of Truth “mainstream” media is finally getting the word that “it’s time to panic,” and that seems to be true for the stock market as well.

Truth be told, however, (and that’s ONE of the Big Goals on this show) the virus itself isn’t the biggest threat associated with this whole scenario. The economic fallout, already in progress, from disruption of the “global supply chain,” and all of the confidence and society-undermining that goes with it, is probably a bigger issue.

But it’s the Big Brother heavy-handed reaction (witness communist China already) may be the greatest potential killer of all.

Regardless, it’s a Major Incentive to “come out of her,” NOW!

“What’s WORSE than a Global Pandemic?”