The Essenes Before the Scrolls

   Service, New Earth, “In Memory of Her”

   Paul and the Great Tribulation – 100 minutes

   For He Who Curses Israel . . . – a message from Daniel ben Regesh

   Amending the Curse, a Message from Ray Boshers

   From Ponzi to Poverty – What Money Schemes are Doing to the Poor

   Yahshua, the Man – Who People Say He Is

   The Name Yahshua? Yeshua? Yahusha?  Controversial Topics Forum

   The Modern Apocalypse from Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K Dick

   The Chinamen and the Chimp – An Important Message in Allegory

   Enneagram Prototypes – Dead Sea Scrolls and Romans 12

   Hebrew Hearts Seeking Torah Spouses – Brian Newman

   The Pussyfooting Spy of Pentecost – Controversial Bible Doctrines and Texts

   Two Shabbat Messages – “Old Folks Day”  Jackson and “Numbers, Numbers” Daniel

The Communion / Eucharist Service – Teaching and Action

   Full Service on Communion with Ray Boshers

   ?? ???? ?? ? ????? . . . An Appeal to Contemporaneous Religions

   Vero Essene Yahad Demonstration Testimonials, Members & Elders, Part 1

   Vero Essene Yahad Demonstration Testimonials, Members & Elders, Part 2

   Two Passion, Lent Passover Sermons – Prof. Smith and Snyder

   Overlooking Edom – Pesher-style Interpretation of the Prophet Obadiah

   The Ancient Palestinian Diet and a Word to Non-vegans

   On the Immortal Soul – Where Did This Teaching Originate?

   The Evolution of Jesus – The Name Notes on this

   Part 1:  Resurrection – Abraham to John

   Part 2:  Resurrection – Abraham to John