Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship for a two-part look at one of the most foundational parashot in the whole of Torah, “Vaetchanon” (Deuteronomy 3:23 – 7:11), which includes not only one of the “most violated” commandments in the Book, but a second look at the “Ten Debarim” (Words, or Commandments) and the Most Important Commandment in the Bible, aka ‘the Shema’ (Deuteronomy chapter 6, and also noted in Mark chapter 12.)

The Erev Shabbat overview:

“When the foundations are destroyed, what CAN the ‘righteous’ do?” (Psalm 11) And just who are they?

This parsha is really all about just how we can, and must, be “tzaddikim,” people who ‘study to show ourselves approved, and truly “shema”, hear and obey, ALL of his statutes, judgments, and commandments.

There is a reason that both Moshe, and later the promised Prophet “like unto” Moses made reference to the same two witnesses, heaven and earth, to make the same point. That not “one yod or tiddle,” the tiniest part, of His Instruction will pass away so long as they still exist. Which explains why the command not to add or subtract from His Word is also so vital (and the last commandment in the whole Bible, to boot!)

We are given lots and LOTS of warnings about not just “graven images,” but all kinds of idolatry, and rebellion to Him. And all of them, and more, are now rampant.

Thankfully, one of THE very best promises in all the Bible, about what we WILL do, WHEN we finally “Return to Him,” is also a big part of this lesson.

“Vaetvhanon: The Foundations ARE Being Destroyed – What Tzaddikim Must Do”

The combined two-part teaching: