Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship for a two-part look at parsha Vayigash, Genesis 44:18 through 47:27, and the conclusion of the story of Yosef’s testing of his brothers, and what Mark refers to as Yehuda’s time to ‘Man Up.’

This week’s story is about what happens when the Plan Comes Together.

And the blessings that follow.

The Erev Shabbat overview of the whole parsha:

And not only does Yosef’s plan pay off, but even better than he expected. This Sabbath teaching explores the implications of that, and what can happen when we in such obedience that we ‘leave room’ for Yah to bless us beyond our own expectations.

It’s also almost certainly true that every single one of us, who will hear this podcast, have been put here, now, “in such a time as this,” for His purposes.

And, given the times and the seasons, that’s quite a statement.

There’s something else in the mix this week, too, in the haftorah portion, from Ezekiel chapter 37. It ends up being both a severe warning, and a great promise.

“Vayigash: Two kingdoms/houses/wives and sticks – and the Opportunity for Surprise”

The combined two-part podcast is here: