“Born Again.” What is this all about? These days, a lot of folks just assume it’s an easy concept to grasp. Judging from what the Jewish religious teacher Nicodemus said when he responded to Yeshua in John chapter 3, I am not so sure that the concept is, in fact, so well-understood. Thus, I thought we should come back to revisit the idea of “Born Again,” or as the Greek text says, “Born from Above,” and try to put it back into its biblical Hebraic context. Our journey to a better understanding of “Born from Above” will bring us to John 20:22 and 1 Corinthians 15:45. I am quite confident that Nicodemus understood these teachings quite well. On this podcast, we will carefully examine the two Hebraic terms Nefesh Khayah and Nishmat Khayim. In the written Torah of Moses, they had very specific meanings and we will look at them today. Join us for this study — Part 1 of 2 — into our human consciousness and our New Man in Messiah. This is Real Israel Talk Radio, Program AR200801, Episode 030.