Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for parsha Re’eh, Deuteronomy/Debarim 11:26-16:17, and more of the final address that Moshe spoke to ALL of the sons of Israel during the last month of his life.

This parsha contains the first of the vital references to the CHOICE that human beings with free will were given, between blessing and cursing, and ultimately life and death.

Again it emphasizes not only how Yahuah hates idolatry, and certainly how blunt Scripture can be about it (Deuteronomy 7:25-26), but provides us some tests that we can use to separate liars and false prophets from the real, and in fact, tests that He has set up for US, as well. And yet again, the consistent themes about listening – hearing and observing to DO – what He requires of us – abound.

Here is the erev shabbat overview of the entire portion:

The Sabbath Day teaching is another one of those that will either inspire people to come OUT of the ‘whore church,’ and face the fact that we “have inherited LIES from our fathers,” or offend those wedded to churchianity just as severely as Yahushua warned. The lessons about idolatry, and why we are commended NOT to study how those who were dispossessed worshiped THOSE false ‘elohim’ perhaps ESPECIALLY when they don’t acknowledge exactly what they are! – are so clear that they will shock those who finally see through the Deception.

For those that would like to hear a concise, specific, and even downright blunt, explanation of why BOTH the “whore church” and “whore synagogue” are still in exile, and why “another jesus” is not the messiah for either, save this one and pass it along to those who are willing to “study to show themselves approved.” There’s a reason that the Real Meshiach warned that not only is the path “narrow,” but “few there be that find it.” It’s not hidden; we’ve just been lied to about it.

Re’eh: “See! Behold! Just open your eyes and LOOK…at the Bill of Goods you’ve been sold!”

The combined two-part podcast is here: