With this second episode of speaking about giving learned men and women exalted titles, we will continue where we left off on our last program. In religious theological circles, Catholics call the priests of the church “Father.” Christians call esteemed pastors “Teachers.” Jews call learned teachers “Rabbi” and legal scholars “Rav” or “Rabban.” However, according to Yeshua in Matthew 23:8-12, none of these titles have the approval of our Father in Heaven. Yet still, it’s a widely adopted practice to address church and synagogue leaders with these titles. On this podcast of Real Israel Talk Radio, Episode 029 Part 2 – Man’s  Exalted Titles of Rabbi, Teacher, and Father, we will have a close look into the cultural, biblical, archaeological, and historical background for using these terms and perhaps why Yeshua gave us his instructions to not use them. My reasoning for speaking about this has nothing to do with judging those who use the titles but rather to simply provide some theological context to help us make informed choices that line up with our redeemed life in Messiah.