They call on chariots, they call on horses, but we call on the name of the LORD our God .  Psalm 20:7

In the words of Jeremy Gimpel, Israel is currently facing a battle on three different levels:

There is a literal battle with boots on the ground, the kinetic war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Most folks are following that story pretty closely.

There is an Ideological battle in the minds and the hearts of Israelis, liberal v/s conservative, Religious v/s Secular.

And there is a Spiritual battle that is being waged in the heavens. This article will focus on that spiritual battle. What is the spirit behind Hamas? How will Israel fight and overcome that evil spirit?

Many teachers on both the Jewish and Christian side of the aisle are postulating that the Hamas operatives are motivated and energized by the spirit of Amalek. Is that true? If so, what does that mean? How do we overcome the spirit of Amalek?

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