The life and music of a Romanian Baptist who grew up in the Romanian underground church. Now, a Western Australian Romanian Messianic Torah Singing Cowboy with a message that is now Uniquely Hebraic and Torah-based.

From Perth, Western Australia, we will hear about the life and music of a man who was born into a Baptist family of musicians and singers of the Romanian underground church; a man who grew up in the underground church, was ordained as a Baptist pastor, and then came to Australia after the Communist Party fell in Romania. In coming to Australia, he also brought with him, his passion for Messianic Jewish lyrics with a unique country-western sound, among a number of other music genres.

On this podcast of Real Israel Talk Radio, we’ll hear from Avram Iancu (pronounced “Yankoo”) a Baptist Pastor turned Torah Messianic. Catch some of his story and listen to a few tunes from of his newest music! This is Ancient Roads: Real Israel Talk Radio, Season 2020, Episode 038.