News and commentary for Monday, 9 November, 2020.

We begin with a Mao Tse Biden Revolution update, and then a look at the what is probably the most massive election fraud in history. (Even Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin, and similar famous dictators alone on the ballot, didn’t have to resort to such transparently obvious numerical chicanery.)

There’s Project Hammer, and Operation Scorecard (together, irony probably intended by the Deep State, the “Hammer and Scorecard” as opposed to simple Sickle) which, combined with e-vote treachery like Dominion Voting Systems, should have been enough (and probably was in the 2018 midterms, but not this year) to take the election for a candidate that could even draw crowds as big as a high school bowling league.

It wasn’t. And then the fake paper ballots had to pick up the massive slack. Even if it was transparently obvious afterward. But that’s what Big Tech Social[ist] media censorship, and Faux News Networks are for.