Part 1 – With video blogger Maria Nikolaidi from Greece for her Bitchute Channel

Full Audio Message  Our sister in Messiah Maria from Greece was brought out of New Age Religion by Y’shua Messiah, Praise Yah!  She has been studying the calendar issue and says the Essenes’ (or whomever the writers were of some of the extra-biblical Dead Sea Scrolls were) doctrines do seem similar to the New Age doctrines which she came out of.  That is why she wanted to include both sides of the calendar discussion, both for and against, on her Freefloat Bitchute Channel.  Our interview of course was in the against category but mostly outlined reasons why you should use extreme caution when reading the Dead Sea Scrolls and switching calendars or any doctrine based upon the content of these scrolls.  Here is the direct link to her Bitchute Channel  Perhaps sometime in the future we will interview Maria :).  Let me know if you have some questions you would like us to ask her by emailing me at