The Exodus is going to repeat. Paul wrote, “I would not have you ignorant how our fathers all passed through the sea…all those things happened to them for examples…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11.

God “executed jugment” on Egypt (Exod 12:12) and took Israel to a covenant by which they were His kingdom (Exod 19:5,6) and Bride, Jer 3:14.

When the dsciples wanted to know when Y’shua would restore the kingdom, He said it wasn’t for them to know “the times and seasons” but Paul, putting himself into the end-time when “we which are alive and remain shall be caught up” and TWO verses later he says WE know the times and seasons, and each of the next SIX phrases fits the Exodus.

“The day of the Lord’ is the end-time extension of “night of the Lord” in Exod 12:42, when God came as a thief (invisbly and took Egypt’s slaves) and sudden destruction came on Egypt and their chariots when Pharaoh said ‘Peace & safety’–“as travail on a woman with child”–Egypt didn’t want to birth Israel to freedom Exod 4:22.

The US is like Egypt that enslaved Israel. Millions are in bondage to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, negative lifestyles.
And Egypt threw Israel’s babies in the river; the US has thrown 62 million babies in the trash after abortion. The US is worse than Egypt and it will get judgment. The wedding parables also show this. The “cry at midnight” in Matt 25:6 is an echo of Exod 12:29,30

We should expect it at Passover as in Egypt with an important modification explained in this audio. Pls listen from week to week and share with friends. The King sends His servants to bid others to the wedding, Matt 22:3. Please copy this URL link to share with your list after you hear it!