Will China take Taiwan?  When?  How?  An Israeli agent told Steven not to bash ____, because it was going to be the next global superpower.  Is La Palma still a threat to our eastern seaboard/entire Atlantic?  Steven has a report concerning the Black ____ in Alaska and what it is/how it will be used.  We discuss the below video: Dr. Madej has discovered a component of the C-vaxx that “doesn’t die.”  What scripture does this bring to mind?  Please join Steven and Bonnie as Revelation comes to life in front of us.

Dr. Madej video: http://philosophers-stone.info/2021/10/04/immortal-creature-in-vax-it-never-dies-dr-carrie-madej-with-more-new-incredible-revelations/

Amazing Dr. Ardis comparing immune panel before and after 2 C-shots:  https://www.brighteon.com/243f160d-85a5-47b9-bc22-a070cadd8d56

West Virginia Governor telling the truth re hospitalizations/deaths of the “fully vaxxed”:  https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/09/fully-vaccinated-deaths-hospitalizations-deaths-on-the-rise-by-alarming-rates-video/

Vaxxed man sets off security panels at Walmart:  https://youtube.com/shorts/n8-Clj4t8z4?feature=share

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