Rabbi Steve Berkson begins the 30th part of the series “The Heart of the Matter” and the 3rd lesson from the book of the Prophet Jeremiah with a clarification regarding the “sacrificial system” and its relationship to the work of Messiah Yeshua. Many misunderstand this subject due to various erroneous teachings which can be a distraction from the real subject: being obedient is directly connected to living well in all areas of our lives. Then we get to the phrases in Jeremiah 7:24, “incline their ear” and “walked in the counsels” where we learn that it is our responsibility to seek right counsel from godly leaders through the leading of the Holy Spirit and not lean (incline) to our own understanding, in the stubbornness of our own heart, going backward and not forward. We will hear about the things happening in Jeremiah’s day and how the same seems to be today. Rabbi Steve tells us about the process of abomination starting with abhorrent, then to tolerated, then accepted and finally preferred. In the end those who choose to be right according to Torah are persecuted.

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