What feast day was Biden’s speech?  As Biden declared war on the American people, did Father declare a war, also?  Upon whom?  Why are tanks and other heavy equipment riding on rail cars?  For what possible purpose?  Satan has a “reset” as outlined by his WEF servants – a plan of termination of everything established in the Garden.  Does God have a reset? –  a plan for the restoration of the Garden? Please join me as we examine the possibility that Father just announced His retaking ownership of this earth.

Correspondence re the Maori elder, Stan Deyo, and the 3 Gorges Dam:  https://standeyo.com/Reports/Maori.html

Below is the Ken Peters Prophecy to which I referred in the podcast.  This was given Nov. 1, 2015. He said, “You will remember this date, Nov. 1 as we turn the clocks back, that within 3 years from this date, you will see the upheaval of every nation on earth.”  The turning back of the clocks occurred on Nov. 1 in 2015 and 2020.  This nexus will not occur again until 2026.