What feast day was Biden’s speech of Sept. 9? Did the LORD just announce the beginning of the end?  What judgments appear imminent?  Why are trainloads of military equipment, including tanks, being seen going west?  Satan has announced his “reset” through the WEF.  Does Father have a RESET?  Please join me for a look at what might be the announcement of Satan’s being forced out of “ownership” position of God’s earth.  Hallelujah.

Correspondence re the Maori elder in NZ and Stan Deyo:  https://standeyo.com/Reports/Maori.html

I refer to this prophecy by Ken Peters below.  He refers to the time change on November 1 as significant, saying that  “within 3 years from now, on this first day of November as we turn the clocks back, we will see the upheaval of all nations.”  Nov. 1 sees the fall time change in 2015, when he gave this prophecy, and 2020.