What does a cartoon from the 1930’s indicate re whether or not we’re being manipulated by the alleged pandemic?  What does graphene oxide do to our bodies?  Did the FDA know of the potential deadly “side effects” of the covid injection?  Are mobile “vaccine” units already at our schools?  The tender for private storage for “excess bodies” and the World Bank Covid Response Program end about the same time?  When is that?  How far in the future is that?  Has the “New World Order” officially been declared?  Why is America losing divine protection?  Please join me as the paths diverge between those choosing the easy path and those choosing to see the face of our Redeemer.

(#1.  Cartoon from 1930’s; #2.  Researchers in Spain identify ingredients of Pfizer; #3.  (crowhouse) Max Igan, compelling summary of suppression thruout the world told via vids, easy watch; #4.  Jabbing school children in Idaho; #5.  Knock-down-drag-out jabbing in So. America and India, horrific; #6.  So. Africa official urges burning and killing race war; #7.  Australia announces beginning of NWO, July 10; #8 Audio only of Sen. Dick Durbin saying the jabs are killing millions across the world.  Two vids I was going to show you have been taken down.







Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed