This podcast continues our previous lesson from 1 Corinthians 13:6 and Paul’s statement that divine biblical love does not rejoice in iniquity. What exactly does this mean? Well, I can tell you one thing that it means: Oy! Mama Mia! It is so expensive. It is going to cost us a lot and it will definitely bring out the worst in our fallen human nature, that’s for certain!

On our podcast today, we will begin with Jeremiah 42:5 which will then give us a text to compare it with in Exodus 20:5. We’ll then look at John 8:31-32 when Yeshua said,“If you abide (live) in My Word (in the Word to Me), you are my disciples indeed and you shall Know THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH shall make you free” and compare this to Proverbs 29:18, as I would understand it from the Hebrew:

“With nothing of any vision (no Word of Spiritual Revelation), he is person who runs loose, wild, free, disheveled, and out of control (Hebrew: Pey Resh Ayin); however, in guarding the Law (the Torah), he has rejoicing or happiness!”

This brings me to a statement: biblical love is so costly and so terribly expensive and Paul kind of addresses this in 1 Corinthians 13:6 when he says that love does not rejoice in iniquity. Well, tell this to your fallen human nature; you will most certainly get into an argument with your flesh when you try to order it to submit to the desire of your inner New Man in Messiah.

Also, on this podcast, we will have a look into the overall context of the Book of Job and its sad no-love story that is given to us to read about. Certainly for Job, with friends like this, who needs enemies? This is what I might be thinking. The “Job” story is going to show us a lot about how much true love can and will cost us when we learn about the real meaning behind the English term “prayer.” Yes, praying and making judgments in love are two related ideas in Hebrew. We’ll find out about that today.

Join us today for our podcast Episode 80 of Real Israel Talk Radio and Defining Biblical Love Program Part 16.

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