Is the world “outta time”? Does Poland’s Notice-to-All-Air-Missions, concerning Feb. 5-May 5, indicate WWIII within this time frame?  What’s happening in Poland that could be so sensitive?  Has the “petro dollar” been exterminated? What’s happening at the Gaza/Egypt border?  Could the US defend against Kinzhal or Zircon missiles?  What did Henry Gruver see that is now coming true?  As Jeremiah describes the painful destruction of a country that now “opposes the Lord” (USA), what glorious rays of promises come through the pages in chapters 50-51?

Extermination of Christian West

TX border wide open:

Abbott – we’ll have border control by Jan. 20 ’25 (Trump inauguration): Abbot and Trump are WEF’rs:

Texas Illuminati card of 1995 being played now?:

There goes the “petro dollar”:

UK problem – under 14 yo death rate up 22%:

Migrants who assaulted police exiting court after no-bail release:

MAID (Canadian euthanasia machine) murders 13 yo girl wo parental consent:

Deborah Tavaras found a doc on NASA site, site no longer operative, re what weapons will be used against American citizens (beam weapons, Air Force, cyborg take-over 2025, microdust, 36 min, well worth the time):

Some border patrol bought off?:

Dollar dead:

Fed Chair warning – fed spending unsustainable:

Credit card nonpayments surge:

Seattle gives BLM destroyers $10 million:


Dutch war for right to produce food to go west-wide?:

Farmer protest spreads throughout Europe:

Well, maybe it’s already global:

Lecture in 1969, “no one can stop us,” 50-year-old lecture describes our lives right now; “Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily.”; “Some of you probably think the Churches won’t stand for this,” and he went on to say, “the churches will help us!”; conclusion – they know that true Christians/Yeshua-believers are their #1 enemy:

“Texas State Militia is a problem … let’s outlaw it”:

Is Texas militia “well regulated”?:

Francis in Vatican – worship Satan:

 FF being cooked up?:

Marxist Confusion

50-yr old male-who-professes-to-be-female joins a teenage schoolgirls’ swimming team (can enter their changing rooms):

Supreme betrayal:

CPS sends child to Canada when parents oppose gender switch process:

AI sentient … and fighting?:

Rewarding those who feign/develop an oppressed helps globalism:


Christian leaders – trust medicine over faith re mental health:


Attacks on Gaza will continue until Hamas destroyed:

Is Hamas a CIA creation? :

UK arming non citizens?:

3 US B52 long-rage bombers to Israel:

Eradicating Gaza gaining traction in Israel?:

Is this true?:

Insurance co’s know what’s coming?:

Suwalki Gap, site of WWIII outbreak?:

Suwalki Gap, bit of history:

Article included for MAP of Suwalki Gap:

Henry Gruver’s vision of US being attacked:

40 million enter bomb shelters in Russian drill:

Unstoppable Russian Kinzhal missile:

Russian subs armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles:

Location of nuclear weapons sites in US:

Compare above with path of Chinese balloon, 2023:

Putin/Carlson interview:

For busy people, Candace Owens distills above interview:

Israel v. Egypt next?:

Disease X/Jabs

Hint of timing in Super Bowl ’24?:

RSV a vaxx side effect to increase profits?:

Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance Pres., in ’15, re planning of C19 media hype, profit re pan-corona “vaccine”:

WHO demands tracking powers to surveil everyone for disease:

Lying CDC told pathologist to “adjust” cause of death on death certificate during C19 “crisis”:

Any end to vaxx changing adverse reactions?:

Children’s death in UK up 22%:

Klaus Schwab as the bride of Satan (only recently has this photo come under fire – too many people viewing it?  Some sites have had their whole page taken down.):


Pfizer spelled backwards is the Canaanite god of pestilence?! (don’t try to pronounce the poster’s name – that’s another mystery).  Resheph idol pictured in tweet even holds the “bow” of the White Horse of Revelation, or better, the “poisonous arrow”:

I know that “Pfizer” is a surname, a VERY rare one, but where did it originate?  When some in returning Judah refused to renounce their Canaanite wives/children as recorded in Ezra.

Pfizer’s history certainly corresponds with the idol of pestilence:

Syn of Satan causes trouble, Bro Judah gets blamed?:

Aerial laser weapons?

Lahaina opened, new anomalies:

Remember the “fires” in Paradise, CA? Same anomalies:

Same wave weapons in Chile? At oceanfront Viña del Mar? Homes to dust while trees still standing:

Just for Fun

If you want safety, move to Iceland!!:

Look what I won!:

LA firefighters rescue man who jumped in raging wash to save dog (dog also later rescued):