Is the Ukraine war theater to deplete the west of weapons reserves? Per a conversation of Steve’s with a Russian party insider, is Putin in favor of the New World Order? Now that Iran expresses support for global governance, will they attack Israel to fulfill Talmudic prophecy? Who started the Ukraine War? Are we watching the prelude to WWIII? Please join Steve and Bonnie for another glimpse from the wall.


Removal of protective lead paint: 4.22

Citizenry dealing with 15-min cities in UK: 4.22

God prohibited the eating of pork for a reason: 4.22

China accepts “eat bugs”?: 4.26

More jabs = more Covid:

666 coronation of Charles: 5.7

Vaxx produces massive (24x’s) increase in Autoimmune diseases:

Save the planet – kill your pet: 5.6

Happy antidote to vid above: 5.6

Babies who survive abortion left to die in Ireland: 5.6

Satanists in kindergarten: 5.6

Grim Reaper at Charles’ recent event?: 5.6

“Dog flu” invention? might aid in effort to caninicide dogs:

Turn the dead into bio sludge fertilizer:

Oust Walensky after incriminating report ?:

UN to honor Nakba Day May 15:

How they’re going to sell the chip: 5.8

Humans are the carbon they want to reduce:

China – pay with right hand: 5.11

Starbucks – pay with right hand

DHS treason to secretly tell invaders how to avoid detection:

Illegal entry abetted by Biden admin:

Fed agents protect invader privacy:

Russia threatens to destroy UK over missiles to Ukraine:

Can you do this? I can’t! What’s wrong with these people?: 5.12

New Twitter CEO lecturing from WEF re remedying trust in media:

Chinese warships surround Japan ahead of G7:

Liquefying humans for human food: 5.11

McDonald’s selling human meat?: 5.11

Sweden says eat humans to offset climate change: 5.11


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Preview YouTube video Chinese warships circle Japan; Tensions rise ahead of G7 summit next week | Details

WEF will kill 4 billion by 2030:
Former Pfizer VP confesses jab global plot to destroy man:
US to BOMB Taiwan if China invades? Whaat?:


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Preview YouTube video Hang on! US Threatens to BOMB Taiwan if China invades, SERIOUSLY! | Redacted with Clayton Morris


US reported to invite Israel to jointly attack Iran:

Taiwan thanks Japan, So. Korea and Philippines for “crescent of defense”:

$500 million aid/military package for Taiwan from US stockpiles pursuant to drawdown authority passed by Congress last year:

Gen. Keane’s dismal outlook for US military strength:

What is drawdown authority?:

If China invades Taiwan, US will bomb Taiwanese chip plants:

Biden’s betrayal of Afghanistani’s support:

Biden blows up pipeline and German economy:

One belt one road – not for USA:

US “big new goal” – weaken Russia:

Yellen repeats USA out of money:

US starts Ukraine war by coup in 2014:

US has caused Ukraine war:

Depleted uranium or tactical nuke?:

Multiple Russian planes downed in Russia by Ukraine:

Russian retaliation:

Russia hits depleted uranium ammo depo, spectacular vid:

Ukraine sends UK Storm Shadow missile into Russia:

Patriot Missiles in Kiev, missile battery destroyed:

France promises long range missiles to Ukraine:

Patriot Missiles jammed, fall to earth:

Ukraine hits helicopter factory outside Moscow:

Ukraine bombed severely, promises “hard” response:

Iran hosts conference re New World Order: