Let’s start with what – at least for those with “eyes to see!” – should be obvious today:

They really DO want you dead. As Yahushua pointed out, the Adversary/Devil/BadDevilThing/etc, “comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.” Which is a great description of what we see happening now, world-wide, but especially in AmeriKa-with-a-K.

That has been made especially clear by the Biden regime move to use the EPA to literally shut down the US electrical grid, while at the same time moving to eliminate both gas appliances and the internal combustion engine, allegedly to encourage purchase of EVs, which the peons won’t be able to charge anyway!

But that’s just the start. As Mark points out in the show, it’s not hard to spot the lie, if you just ask the right questions, and connect some dots.

Planned Destruction – and Simple Math