Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress that the US Gov might not be able to pay its bills as of ____.  What major change in the financial world is to be inaugurated July 1?  Is there any connection?  New Zealand is establishing __ minute cities and populations are already driven out of their homes by a “managed retreat.”  Celeste Solum, former planner in FEMA, states that the next “pandemic” will be ___ and that the ___ is ubiquitous.  In anticipation of Title 42 expiring on ___, ____ people already sit on our southern border ready to “storm.”  What recently happened in Moscow that could lead to WWIII? Why would the globalists want Sudan? Please join Steve and Bonnie for a possible critical timeline update before … before God’s judgments fall upon this country that will lead our world-absorbed families and children into redemption. May it be so, Lord.


Cause of 13% of college student death unknown:

Warning.  Graphic. New York mag inadvertently tells horrific experience of transgender:  Preview YouTube video Leftist Article Accidentally Exposes the Nightmares of Transgender Surgery


Wave of turbo cancers:
Celeste Solum – next pandemic is hemorrhagic

3-D printed tattoo vaxx coming:


15-minute cuties are complete impoverishment of society:

New Zealand implementing 5-min cities:

Globalism requires internet control: 4.26

Florida’s 5 steps toward voting integrity: 4.18

Shasta Co. California says “no more” to Dominion voting machines:

AI plus robodog to “inspect thermal anomalies”: 4.30

Digital currency was CIA/NSA creation:

In the end, only a handful of banks for easier control: 5.1

Text of Senate Bill 4488 re extinction of man:

Outstanding interview of Celeste Solum:

Prince Charles to meet with elites in September to accelerate Agenda 2030: Prince Chs. and globalists set meeting for September to accelerate Agenda 2030:

As dollar falls, BRICS sees 34-country waiting list:

Brain implants, Blackrock, and mind control in Utah now: 5.2

 US Security

May 11, Title 42 terminates, storm the southern border:

700,000 – 1,000,000 already gathered at US southern border when Title 42 expires:

Biden to send 1,500 troops to southern border:

US Default

Credit default swaps at highest rates ever:
Central banks buying gold BEFORE transition of 1971 and CBDC’s:
US bankrupt as of June 1?:

First Republic Bank seized:

Oh  boy.  3 more banks.:

Crash of 2008-09 reduced home ownership to early 1960 levels:

US could be unable to meet obligations by June 1 says Yellen:

CBDC, Nigerian beta test:

Nigerian beta test, exit visas up 400%:


Ukraine bombs oil depot in Crimea:

Stating a cause for war – Russian spokesperson says “US directly killing Russians”:

Russia retaliates:

Depleted uranium being used against Russian troops despite Putin’s red line:

And it just gets worse – did Ukraine sent a drone to Putin’s home in assassination attempt?:

Vid of drone in Moscow: 5.3; 5.3;

Very bad news today.

Russia loading nukes in launchers:

Henry Gruver re America’s last days: