This will be a good show to cross-post, download and pass around, and discuss with your friends, neighbors, and family.

When so many people eventually begin to REALLY awaken, and realize that now only have they been lied to, their livelihoods destroyed, along with their children’s futures, but in too many cases – even their very lives have been taken, VERY many will be angry. Not just angry – and rightfully so – but infuriated to the point of violence they won’t think themselves capable of.

And that’s when the globalist Swamp Denizens, and their Satanic master – will think they’ve won.

The problem is, those who fall into that trap will die, or worse, along with them.

This is a show about the alternative to “heads I win, tails you lose,” and the Hobson’s Choice planned for those who ‘make war with the Beast.’ And with YHVH.

So – what to do?

Pick a Revolution!