Is Marburg in the contents of the shots already?  What is the trigger according to Attorney Callender?  Are the zombie warnings a joke?  What does the previous Dir. Gen. of Israel Inst. of Bio. Research say about the shots?  It seems that monkeypox is spontaneously appearing in countries where _____ has been administered.  The UN has declared war on ____.  It reported to Steve that China was so upset over Pelosi’s visit that _____.  Please rejoice, for I offer that the time of deliverance from Mystery Babylon is almost at hand.

C19 to be in MMR’s:

Nat’l Pub Health System, ideally as Undersecretary to Pres, to co-ordinate info and “counter misinformation and disinformation”:

Russia to return to mandatory shots:

China’s foreign minister, “US main destroyer of peace”:

NATO gave order to destroy prisoners of war in Azov:

Birx knew:

Canadian Health Minister:

Horrific death stats of vaxxed kids:

Physicians discuss what and why re “vaccine” injuries:

Russia NOT defeating NWO:

WHO head Tedos not jabbed:

Vaxx injured Dr. Shapiro of Israel banned for Tweet:

Praying Mantis contains parasite:

Parasites in bugs:

1992 Olympic games:

China attack on US:

No more talk:

Pfizer leads to monkeypox?:

Failing Pales/Is relations:

Commonwealth Games Baal Worship: