Today’s show begins with a ‘thought experiment,’ as Albert Einstein famously used to call them.

“If you WANTED to destroy a society, a country, or an entire Free World, how would you do it?”

The answer is:

Probably NOT as well as it has ALREADY been done.

You might have thought about using a bio-weapon — even if it wasn’t quite as clever as using taxpayer dollars to fund ‘gain-of-function’ research in Communist China, and then getting people to inject THEMSELVES with the really deadly part of the poison.

Would you have come up with the plan to use bogus tests to expand the fear, and confuse people into believing that dying WITH a positive test is the same as dying FROM it? How about mandates that pave the way right to the ‘Mark of the Beast’?

And then there’s the destruction of small businesses, property rights, the entire US supply chain and energy infrastructure…and using the panic to steal an election and overturn the Republic as well.

So what then can we learn?