Ellen White is the most translated author in history, and the most translated author in the western world. She has write about 10 classics, and borrowed but not plagiarized much, and when it comes to health, did not include the fads or fallacies of her time–she was an inspired borrower! She supported several Messianic teachings on the importants of the statutes and judgments (Mal 4:4), the annual sabbaths, Lev 23 and God’s name, though she did not know it. She defined the church as a “covenant-keeping people” and understood the restoration of Israel, titling her last book, “The Captivity and Restoration of Israel”, based on Jeremiah 30:3. She was, indeed, blessed by God and anyone can read her classics online here, https://whiteestate.org/books/egw-books/  The reader might sample “The Desire of Ages” on the life of Christ first, or Steps to Christ, on how to be a Christian believer.