Ezekiel’s Fiery Whirlwind out of the North (Ezekiel 1:4)

(WATCH VIDEO HERE click here)  Does the book of Ezekiel start out with Ezekiel being given a vision of VERY STRONG low latitude Northern Lights?   Perhaps an end times Carrington-strength event? We know we are to watch the signs in the heavens and as the end of this age draws near we are to look up for our redemption draws near. Are we limited in scripture to watching for solar and lunar eclipses, the stars and planetary alignments? Or could the signs in the heavens spoken of scripture also include aurora’s which are caused by solar storms? Could the wall of untempered mortar which is caused to fall by a stormy wind actually be a technological wall of protection taken down by a solar storm so strong it causes extremely low latitude extremely bright northern lights? Are the faces of the living creatures seen by Ezekiel in chapter 1 perhaps visions of constellations as seen from a north pole vantage point? After all the north pole is where the northern lights or whirlwind out of the north originates from? All of this is what we begin to explore in this video which is part 1 in a series on this subject. Aurora Borealis in scripture, northern lights in the bible, signs in the heavens, Ezekiel’s vision of the northern lights.