Military attorney, Todd Callender, says lipid nanoparticles contain pathogens that can be released by pulsed 5G signal. We need to turn off all cell phones, iPads, and computer devices on:

Wednesday, Oct 4, from 11am-1pm Pacific, (2-4PM EST).  

The “cover story” is that this is a test of the Emergency Broadcast system administered by FEMA.
Visit THIS LINK to see their public service announcement.

In fact, there will be 3 pulses coming from 5G cell towers, sending three 18 gigahertz pulses out to cell phones. For those who have taken the jab, this will activate nanoparticles in the blood stream to release their deadly “payload” into the body.

It is not known if unvaccinated folks who have been exposed to spike protein “shedding” from others will be affected or not.

HOW YOU CAN PREPARE/WHAT TO DO: In an abundance of caution, it is highly recommended that we TURN OFF and UNPLUG cell phones, TVs, iPads, and computers at that time. If you have a Faraday bag, put your cell phone into a Faraday bag. If you don’t have one, you can put it inside of your microwave oven, which serves as a Faraday device.

Also,  STAY AS FAR AWAY as you can from 5G cell towers on October 4 from 11am to 1pm! Even if your devices are turned off, the 5G tower is going to be emitting dangerous  high energy frequencies on Oct 4 that we should NOT be exposed to.

Please watch the short 5-minute video from Greg Reese below for details.  And don’t miss the Todd Callender interview below where he exposes ALL!


Watch this STUNNING interview with International and Military attorney, Todd Callender, who shares the research and facts on the upcoming Emergency Broadcast System coming on October 4, the 5G Electromagnetic pulses coming on that day, and the connection to the CCP! What can you do to protect yourself? Listen in and find out!



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3 months ago, Dr. Rashid Buttar issued a strong warning about the 5G energy pulse coming:

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