If you spend any time at all reading in the New Covenant or New Testament, you will most certainly notice Yeshua’s use of the term, “Son of Man.” What was he referring to? Personally, I don’t think that many will give much of this a second thought but for those of you that would like to dig deeper and study it with interest then this podcast is for you.

In the days of Yeshua, the meaning of the term “Son of Man” would have been understood by those waiting for Messianic prophetic fulfillment, as a signal pointing back to Daniel chapter 7 and Isaiah chapter 53, Messianic suffering servant prophecies.

On this podcast, we will get the Hebraic backstory for the term “Son of Man.” Plus, it will teach us about the relationship between a man and a woman, a servant/king and his subjects, and the idea of a woman of weakness and that of her choosing to submit to her man.

This is Real Israel Talk Radio, Program Number AR201107, Program Part 1, Episode Number 44.