Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship for the two-part study of the life of the first of the patriarchs, Abraham, now AFTER his name change. And this one includes one of the most important, and prophetic, events in the Book.

Parsha “Vayera” (Genesis chapters 18 through 22) begins with the story of Sarah’s laughter, and Abraham’s “dickering” with Yahuah regarding the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and ends with the “Akieda,” or ‘binding of Isaac.”

First, the Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) overview and intro:

The Sabbath Day teaching focuses on the elements of character that characterize the Father of Nations. Abraham is the epitome of “chesed,” the Hebrew word sometimes translated as ‘hospitality,’ ‘charity’, or loving-kindness. His level of ‘faith’ is literally of Biblical proportions.

But it’s the way he demonstrated responsibility — not just personal, but beyond — that is of particular interest in “such a time as this.”

“Vayera: Walk BEFORE Me – and be fit for My purpose for you”

The combined two-part teaching is here: