On this podcast of Real Israel Talk Radio,  I am having a candid conversation with my wife Suzanne about death and bereavement. It is something that she knows about all too well.

Suzanne speaks about the big plans that she and her late-husband made when they prayerfully decided, with the Spirit of the Almighty One leading them, to immigrate away from South Africa and to make a new life with a hopeful future for their family in Western Australia. Nine months after arriving and settling into Western Australia, and with his new engineering job and a bright future, her husband of 22 years was suddenly killed on his way home from work in a car/truck transport accident. For the young widow Suzanne and her two boys, life would never be the same again.

This is Suzanne’s emotional story about what happened and how she came to cope with her tremendous loss and the next year and a half of a slow and painful death that she went through along with all the changes that were ahead for her and the family.

If you are going through an untold pain of life and you are trying to get up and get going again or you are suffering through a bereavement due to the death of a loved one, then this program is for you. This is Real Israel Talk Radio AR210109Episode number 050.