There are no less than three separate places in the Gospels where Yahushua tells us that, eventually, things that are hidden will be revealed. Certainly that is beginning to happen now, at least on SOME very big issues.

The quotation in Matthew 10 not only warns that those who follow Him will be “hated by all,” but says that we must “endure to the end.” It turns out to be one of a number of places where He gives us some insight into what it means to have “faith.”

But it’s not enough just to “believe in Him,” after all, “even the demons believe, and tremble; we are to BELIEVE Him. And just what does THAT mean?

Just maybe it has something to do with why so many lament that there’s “no power in ‘the Church’.” But why should there be, if they are, as Paul was seeing over nineteen centuries ago, following after “another jesus, whom we have NOT preached?”

We may not be able to “move mountains” – yet – but we can at least begin to find what He called the “Narrow Path.”

Let’s talk about “Faith” — especially when it’s all coming apart.