There’s an inherent ‘direction’ that the ‘True Prophets of Yah’ were given, expressed perhaps a bit colloquially, that boils down to “Tell ’em what I tell you to tell ’em.” This week, Mark suggests – as strongly as possible! – that such should apply to all of us who try to “study, to show ourselves approved,” as “speak His truth boldly,” so as to be “good and faithful servants.”

But it times like this, where the jackboots of Tyranny are so clearly goose-stepping toward a prophetic, “Mark of the Beast” climax, that it can be discouraging that ‘the masses’ of people, too often including many of our friends, family, and loved ones, just doesn’t have “ears to hear.”

See if this doesn’t help:

Isaiah’s Job

“Isaiah’s Job,” with thanks to Albert J. Nock