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I have been teaching the Kingdom since 2008. The Spirit called me to understand and keep the Torah in 2006, in my Jubilee year. After having read what the Church said was replaced, “done away”, “not possible to keep”, etc., I realized I have been lied to and it quickly became apparent that the Law related to His Kingdom, not a religion. Yeshua called me to ministry at the age of 12 but it wasn’t until after I understood the requirement to obey His laws like a citizen of Biblical Israel that the ministry came to fruition. I became the author/Publisher of The Messianic Message dot com and Beast Watch News dot com in 2009 and Joined Hebrew Nation Radio in March 2012.

Jerusalem Next: COVID Vaccine IS the Mark of the Beast. Let me show why, how and what it means.

Have you ever wondered what kind of people are those who can justify creating and administering worldwide a vaccine that is known to have fetal tissue as part of its ingredients? A vaccine that is designed as gene therapy, that does not fit the vaccine definition, to alter the global population who neither understand what is happening to them or know the spiritual meaning of the ingredients in the vaccine?

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Jerusalem Next: The Enemy’s Political Traps & How To Escape Them

The world’s enemies are setting their traps and YHVH has set His traps, too, both for His people and those who are not His. The odd thing is that the traps which the enemy thinks he is setting are the same ones that YHVH is setting. In other words, Yeshua plans to snare and destroy His enemy in the same traps the enemy is setting for others.

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Jerusalem Next: What’sUp, App? – & Biden’s Pacific Pivot

Biden has pivoted toward China within his first week in office but few have noticed it. I will explain this in today’s report but first here is an important message about personal cyber security which also has something to do with the Maoists’ plans for you. For the first time since the creation of social media, your and your family’s lives are at risk. It isn’t about advertising anymore!

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