…& Trading a Wooden Yoke for an Iron Yoke

(https://www.HisWordHeals.com/blog to listen to this entire message) Today’s message started to formulate about the 7th day of unleavened bread this past week. First I’m going to outline the progression of this message, then I will expound on all of these points. 1) The Shavuot wave offering of two leavened loaves of bread could represent the 2 houses of Israel, YHWH’s two sons as a wheat harvest firstfruits offering. 2) YHWH says Israel and Ephraim are His first born sons in Ex 4:22 and Jer 31:9, hence they/we are also a first born firstfruits offering that He has redeemed with the Blood of His Passover Lamb. 3) Backing up from Jer 31:9 for context I started reading in Jer 27 about Hananiah’s false prophecy of deliverance from the wooden yoke of Babylon. To which Jeremiah calls him a false prophet leading people who listen to him into a false sense of deliverance and causing them to fight against the judgement of the wooden yoke of Babylon which is actually judgement from Yah for their wickedness. Through Jeremiah YHWH tells them that the broken wooden yoke of Babylon would be replaced with an iron yoke! So we came full circle from our thief in the night admonition about the false prophets of the take back America Christian Nationalist movement to what we believe is truly a message for us today which was delivered by Jeremiah thousands of years ago. All the scriptures for this message came together just a day or two BEFORE the free speech quashing bill HR 6090 passed from the House of Representatives to the Senate and BEFORE WE WERE EVEN AWARE OF THIS PROPOSED BILL! The conservative take back America, maga, Zionist, Christian Nationalist, secure our border, conservative movement in the US which appears to be trying to remove the yoke of tyranny and corruption, may actually be succeeding in breaking the wooden yoke of Babylon only to have it replaced with a soon to come iron yoke!!!