Anti-Messiah, False Prophet or Precursor Prototype?

Watch Complete Video – Click Here!  King Charles III will be coronated as king on the biblical Second Passover in the second biblical month, May 6, 2023 which is also a Shabbat or 7th day Sabbath. Could his very ecumenical coronation be the confirmation or strengthening of a covenant ‘with the many’ for 7 years spoken of in Daniel 9? He will sit on the antique coronation throne over the Stone of Destiny which is believed to be the biblical Jacob’s pillow stone on which Jacob slept when having the vision of angels descending the ladder from heaven (Jacob’s Ladder). Some also believe this Stone of Destiny is also the pillar next to which all of the King’s of Israel where crowned by or on which sat at the entrance to the temple in Jerusalem and that the prophet Jeremiah took this stone from Egypt to Ireland after first temple destroyed.

Recorded facts in this video: King Charles wants an ecumenical coronation ceremony even though as monarch he is head of the Church of England and they are against it. Charles is pro-Muslim, studies the Quran, wears both Muslim head garb & Jewish Kippah, reads & agrees with new age / Hindu “Traditionalism” and other new age religion books, has a prominent “Green Man” on his coronation invitations and it is considered by some Jewish publications that he will be a “good King for the Jews”. Get the facts here & then watch for yourselves!

Updated Revelation Time Chart too!