PART SIX – our final program tackling the subject of what the Bible calls food and asking the question, are we as believers in Yeshua permitted to eat biblically unclean foods such as pork, shellfish, and the forbidden foods of Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14?

On this final episode of Real Israel Talk Radio dealing with clean and unclean issues in the New Covenant – PART SIX of six parts – we will address Acts chapter 10 and “Peter’s Vision, when he received a divine vision saying to him, “Rise Peter, kill and eat.”And in a large sheet he saw all manner of animals. So, we ask the question, were these beasts, crawling and flying creatures unclean OR clean OR both? Then in Romans 14, we will focus on the concept of impurity and uncleanness defined from the Hebraic context of how we are to understand divine love.

Suzanne and I will walk you through the contexts of Acts 10 as it relates to “Moral Impurity by Association” and Romans 14 as it relates to the biblical definition of love.

Join us for this final Program 6 Episode 037 of Season 2020 on this all-important subject from Real Israel Talk Radio.