PART THREE of a multi-part series tackling the subject of what the Bible calls food and asking the question, are we as believers in Yeshua permitted to eat biblically unclean foods such as pork?

On this episode of Real Israel Talk Radio, we will seek to bring some clarity into defining the term “food” and how this is linked to the Hebrew of Genesis 2:16 where the eating of food is mentioned as a plural concept, not a singular concept. In other words, in Hebrew, Genesis 2:16 says, “In eating, you will eat” implying that there are two aspects of eating, physical and spiritual and that physical food is a metaphor to show us a spiritual truth. Consider that the Bible narrative begins in the Genesis Garden of Eden with a food choice and remarkably, the Bible ends with another food choice in the book of Revelation; and in the middle, Yeshua says in John 4:32, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.”

With PART THREE of this biblical study series, we will seek to lay down a good foundation to better understand food in its relationship to Yeshua’s prayer to the Father that says, “Your will be done on Earth AS IT IS in Heaven.

On this podcast, Why I Exchanged Salami For Pastrami, Suzanne and I will walk you through the biblical idea of making food choices that reflects our spiritual redeemed life of Heaven as we live out Heaven’s realities through Earth’s metaphors.

Join us for this episode 034 of Real Israel Talk Radio, Season 2020 on the Torah food diet, which is about the food that we eat on Earth as it is supposed to reflect the food that eat (and will eat) in Heaven.