Torah portion:
I am going to depart this week and next week from our usual Weightier Matters study in Brit Hadashah. Abba has laid it on my heart to share with you a special message. I am going to call this message: “Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement: Are we coming into a Jubilee year in Fall of 2015? What does it mean?”

Special acknowledgements to Eddie Chumney for sharing his insights and understanding on Jubilee with me.

Podcast description:
*The vengeance of Yahweh is related to His end time judgment on the end time daughter of Babylon nation
*the “vengeance of Yahweh” is Jubilee talk and it is code for Jubilee.
*When the word vengeance displays numerous times in the Jeremiah 50 and 51, it is a remez hint giving us a clue as to WHEN the judgment will happen on the daughter of Babylon nation; in a future year of Jubilee.
*The year of Jubilee is great BLESSING for those who are humble, pursuing a repentant lifestyle, and who are hearing and obeying His commands by the Holy Spirit.
*The Year of Jubilee is about RELEASE of the captives, RETURN to our homeland, the canceling of debts, slaves set free. BUT
*for those who are unrepentant of sin, the Jubilee year is a JUDGMENT, a year of vengeance of our Elohim.
*Jubilee is about both great blessing, restoration and liberty and it is also about judgment, all rolled up in one, happening at the SAME TIME.
*There is a pattern/trend that appears that 1917/18 was a year of Jubilee, 1966/67 was a year of Jubilee, and 2015/16 is a year of Jubilee.
*We need to be pursuing a repentance lifestyle, be humble and be quick to repent.
*We continue to watch for the key event: when the UN Security Council takes a vote on the Palestinian resolution in September; if it passes, then we are there. Yahweh’s judgment will fall upon the nations.
*Knowing our purpose is paramount. We need to pray, seek, inquire and ask of the Lord what are His orders for us in these days we are coming into.


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