Men, God calls you to be a man. But it looks different from what the world considers a “real man.” We live in a culture that teaches men to be cowards. A culture where men are encouraged and considered “strong” when they go to hang out at a bar with friends every night, instead of coming home to a family. Or to date the same girl for years and years and years on end without ever putting a ring on her finger. In reality, this world teaches men to be boys, and many boys never grow up to become men.

Do you want to be a real man? Feed the poor, come home to care for your wife and family, be loyal and honest, love them radically in action, give your life to God so He can use your life for His Kingdom of Light.

Being a man isn’t about being good with boys but a stranger to your wife, it’s about taking responsibility instead of avoiding it and focusing on what God has given you to steward