Beginning around 150 years before Yeshua, the Pharisee was called a Hasid because the Hebrew term means a “loyalist.” In other words, Pharisees were political and religious loyalists supportive of the family dynasty of the Hasmoneans. The Tzadokim, or Sadducees, relates to the term Zadok, which was a different group of priests not related to the Sons of the House of Tzadok at Qumran. It appears from surviving documents of the time that they took their name from Zadok, an early disciple of Antigonus of Sokho in Judea. He produced a faction of disciples who called themselves Tzadokim.
With today’s episode of Zadokite studies, we will focus on much of the specific Zadokite terminology that is associated with the Zadokite supporters and allies of Jerusalem who called themselves “The Way” (see Acts 24:15-16). This is the same group that Sha’ul or Paul came out of while en route to Damascus of Qumran. His story is found in the Book of Acts 9. With your readings in the “New Testament,” you will recognize much of this terminology:
  • Sons of Light
  • Belial vs. Sons of Darkness
  • The Elect or Chosen Ones
  • Teacher of Righteousness or Justness
  • Angels and Angelic visitations
  • The New Covenant
  • The Holy Spirit and Walking in the Spirit vs. the reasoning and logic of the Rabbis.
  • The Temple or Tabernacle and the Human body
  • Prophecy and spiritual gifts
  • Measurements of Heaven, Earth, and Elohim citing Length, Depth, Breadth, Width, and Height.
  • The Knowers of Kingdom Mysteries
  • Justice vs. Injustice
  • Evil vs. Good
  • The Pit, She’ol, and the Shadow of Death
  • The festival calendar of the Pharisees and Temple Priests vs. the festival calendar of the Priestly Zadokites.
Zadokite lessons on these themes make up the body of Zadokite teaching traditions, which I believe are the traditions that Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 11:2.
Join us for this summary of the rise, fall, and rising again of the Sons of Tzadok through Melchizedek/Yeshua, Yehovah’s King and Priest of the Heaven’s City of Shalem, also called the Kingdom of Heaven (Genesis 14:18).
This is Real Israel Talk Radio, Episode 142, and PART 28 in the teaching series about the history of the House and Sons of Tzadok at Qumran.